Do you have any questions about our service? Read this.

How long will repairs take and do I have to book a time in advance?

We’ll fix the most common iPhone and Samsung Galaxy problems in about 30 minutes, often even faster.

No need to book a time for iPhone service. You can come to your closest store or send us your phone by post.

If your Samsung Galaxy phone needs service, it’s a good idea to check the availability of spare parts in advance. We carry spare parts for most common Galaxy models in most stores. We have replacement parts for common Samsung models like Galaxy S3 / S3 4G / S4 / S4+, Mega, Note 2 / Note 2 4G, and Note 3.

iPad repair usually takes around 1-3 business days.

What services are covered by the fast service guarantee?

Our fast service guarantee “Phone repair in under an hour or you pay half price” applies to repairs on almost all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models if we have replacement parts in stock.

The fast service guarantee does not apply to frame replacement, water damage repairs, or iPad repairs.

What if the problem isn’t fixed?

Our repairs have a 2-year warranty (Excluding battery replacement, which has a 1-year warranty). If you have the same problem during that time, we’ll fix it for free.

This warranty doesn’t apply to mechanical problems, such as problems resulting from dropping your phone.

Does the manufacturer’s warranty apply after-service?

The manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t apply to mechanical damage on a device (such as damage caused by dropping the device). After our service, the manufacturer’s warranty no longer applies. If you have only one or two months left on your manufacturer’s warranty, you should consider giving that up for cheaper service on your phone.

Do you do warranty repairs?

Unfortunately, we don’t do warranty repairs. If your phone has a problem that is covered by a warranty, you should turn to an authorized service provider. If you have caused the problem (for example, dropped the phone and broken the screen), then the manufacturer’s warranty no longer applies.

Of course, we will fix any problem that is covered by a warranty if necessary.

How do I get insurance to cover my repairs?

You have to pay the full price of service when you come to pick up your repaired device from iTapsa. If your home or travel insurance covers your device, then inform your insurance company of the damage and present them with a list of repairs and their cost.

Also, add our receipt or price quote to the claim. Most insurance companies only need the price quote, but it’s your responsibility to hold on to the receipt in case the insurance company requires it.

If you have lost your receipt, you can ask us to e-mail you a copy. All insurance companies accept our invoices.

Why should I pay you for repairs if I can buy the replacement parts online for 50 Euros?

You never know what quality parts you get when you order them online. Also, the circuit boards on phones can get damaged very easily – repair instructions found online often don’t explain these dangers clearly enough.

Over the years, we’ve seen many cases where someone has unsuccessfully tried to fix their phone, and later we can no longer repair it or cases where a specialist’s repairs have ended up being very expensive as a result.

Fixing your own phone means spending a lot of time learning the repairs and finding replacement parts. When you use a specialist, you know your phone will get fixed. What’s more, our service has a one-year warranty.

What should I do if the price list doesn’t include my phone model or specific problem?

We can fix problems with almost all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. If you can’t find your phone model or problem in the iPhone service price list or on our Samsung Galaxy page, send us a message or call us.

What do iTapsa candies taste like?

Try them and find out! We always try to keep the candy bowl full in our stores. Come to your closest store and taste them. You don’t have to buy anything – the candy is always there for the taking!

Case 1. My iPhone 5 fell on a stone floor, the screen shattered, the home button came off and got lost. Can my phone be fixed?

Definitely. If the home button mechanism works, we’ll install a new home button for free.

Case 2. My daughter is complaining that she can’t take selfies with her iPhone 4S. Can the problem be fixed?

This is probably a problem with the front camera. If your daughter tried to take the photo with the common “reverse mirror method”, the problem is probably with the rear camera. That means that the rear camera needs repair.

You can usually tell if a photo was taken with the “reverse mirror method” if you can see bathroom tiles in the background and an arm holding the phone.

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