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Smartphone maintenance and phone repair

Is your phone screen or back glass broken? The phone won’t charge or the buttons don’t work Bring your phone to us –  we’ll fix it while you wait. We professionally repair tablets and iPhone, Samsung, Huawei/Honor, OnePlus, Sony, Xiaomi, LG, Nokia, and Google Pixel phones with best-in-class replacement parts.

Quick and reliable service

For most common phone issues, we do basic phone maintenance with a speed guarantee while you wait, and if the repair takes more than an hour, you’ll get a -50% service discount. Our technicians use the market’s best replacement parts to match your phone’s original parts. All maintenance has a two-year warranty, except for battery replacements and moisture damage repairs.

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Pre-purchase online and service in-store when you prefer

Our services can also be pre-purchased online. Simply select and purchase your service in advance and you’ll receive an online receipt that you can conveniently use at all our stores at your preferred time. The pre-purchased service is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Approved by insurance companies

Most common forms of phone damage, such as broken screens or speaker malfunctions are covered by insurances. Insurance companies usually accept repairs on your device through your home or travel insurance. itapsa damage assessments and invoices are approved by major Finnish insurance companies.

See the map of your nearest itapsa store and have your smartphones or tablet repaired in no time!  You do not need a separate appointment for maintenance.

Screen repair and replacement services are also available via postal services. Just send your mobile device for service as a DHL Pickup and Return Service or via Post. The maintenance time will take about 3 working days. We assure you’ll have a high-quality service on time. Guaranteed.

Phone maintenance and repair services:

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Kaikki varaosat vastaavat alkuperäisiä varaosia
Kaikki varaosat vastaavat alkuperäisiä varaosia
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Huoltotöille 24 kuukauden takuu (akuille 12kk)
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Huolto onnistuu myös postitse tai noutohuoltona muutamassa päivässä
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Huolto myymälässä odottaessasi, ilman ajanvarausta
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